Friday, July 15, 2011

Who, What, When and Where?

    Since introducing Suite 24 to you, I've been in a quandary about what my first topic should be. It occurred to me that a laundry list of the special services we provide would be necessary but lists....oh, I must have an allergy to lists! In my everyday life, even when I make them I seem to leave them behind. Mental lists work best for me....I think in pictures and the pictures are far more detailed than my list could ever be. However...

   My conclusion is that a simple run-down will suffice. My bargain with myself is that after The List, I will introduce you to my past clients with the hope that their re-designs will inspire you to give us a call. Together, Suite 24, with your input, will refresh and rejuvenate your room at a time.

   The List:
  Suite 24 specializes in re-designing, repurposing and re-arranging one room in one day for basic refreshing. 
  Obviously, if we have to wait for paint to dry, carpets to be cleaned, slip-covers to be made or the dog to
  return from the doggy-salon, it's going to take more than one day. 
  Small spaces are our favorite challenges, incorporating organization and smart use of space. Bring us your
  problem areas and we will surprise you with clever solutions.

  Editing your rooms creates better traffic flow, directs your eye towards important pieces and makes the 
  room shine. Every room shouldn't be a trophy room. Let's bring some polish to your pad.

 Consulting services are available on an hourly basis for developing the plan for future design work that can
 take your rooms beyond same day services. We will also provide research and can purchase new items
 to compliment or replace what needs revamping within your time frame and budget. 
 Sure you can....ask that crazy question!

 Other services are also available, i.e. painting, carpentry, wallpapering, light fixtures, draperies...those tricky
 things!  Of course, these aren't going to be same day services but we still offer them. Yessiree.

 Organizing is a must. Simple or complete, Suite 24 can make your world so much easier to live in with big
 and small organizational changes. Closets can become catch-all's. Let us conquer the clutter and bring
 some order to your life. (Well, at least to your closets)

 For special occasions, we would love to spruce up the place! Family and friends will swoon over your 
 elegant table and refreshed decor. Keep your eyes open for seasonal specials to be advertised here.  
 Everybody loves discounts, right?

     And then there is everything in between. We've done demo to final design, refinishing to new purchasing. Whether you live in a tiny, first apartment or a house filled to the brim....bringing life and character to your home is within  your reach. Suite room at a time, building the foundation for stupendous results!

    Consults are by appointment. Last minute re-design services are welcomed....but time may limit how extensive our first endeavor can be. Please call.....we'll talk!

    Suite 24
    Ruthann Donaldson

*Pricing discussed at time of initial conversation. Each job is priced according to scope of services.

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