Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Suite Intentions

  Welcome to the launch of Suite 24!
     Suite 24 is my design baby, a company that is intended to bring each and every one of you some collaborative divine inspiration.

 It's taken me a long time to take this leap into the bloggosphere. My greatest ambition is to share my passion for designing, experience to help guide you and a belief that surrounding ourselves with beauty is reflected throughout our everyday well-being. 

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Here at Suite 24, our philosophy is that the real measure of 'design beauty' comes from within not from a design house or a fancy price tag. Without even knowing it, we each carry pieces of our history along our path. The worn upholstery on a well-loved chair only makes curling up with a book more inviting. Kicking back on that old leather sofa with your feet propped up on the coffee table says this is my home, sit down and relax with me. The faded throw who's home is draped over the arm of a passed-down rocking chair brings comfort and security, memories and all. Regardless of your aesthetic, there is beauty unbounded. It comes in all styles and sizes, old or new and should be an ongoing evolution of your senses and sensibilities.

Grandma's old tea cups, sturdy new coffee mugs, that new 'to-die-for' modern chair, old dishes handed down from the family table, broken-in doggy beds, the big screen TV for friendly gatherings, a sumptuous, king-sized, pillow-topped, mattress for dreaming and that irresistible, quirky thing-a-ma-jig...all of these pieces have a place in a real home, for this is what design is meant to be. Good design sets the stage for creativity, a space where creature comforts and your stamp of individuality happily reside. 

With every cool furniture find, displayed photos, odd trinkets, travel mementos or treasured heirlooms you surround yourself with, your home is a travelogue of life. It's the map of where you've been and where you're headed. Each thing you add to your place called 'home' is a snapshot of the history that makes you who you are. When these things are used or displayed on shelves, tables and walls, they become bits and pieces of life that orchestrate to reach out and share your unique story with everyone who enjoys the comfort of your home.

   As the owner of Suite 24, I extend a warm hello to you. I hope as my blog develops you will follow along by contributing your ideas, pictures and questions so that together we can create spaces that will inspire community, family, memories and love.  Those spaces become...Home.

Ruthann Donaldson
Suite 24